Psychometric testing is powerful in that it can provide lots of information about a person in a short space of time and in some instances provide information known and unknown to the person. This helps decision-making much more insightful than if it was just a face-to-face interview alone.

Our offered Psychometric testing aims to explore individual suitability for an organization by measuring traits such as intelligence levels, values and behaviors. The assessments aim to test cognition, job complexity, values, awareness, organizational culture, motivation, personality and job-related competencies.

Our assessment tools can be aligned to your business needs.

BTG assessments can be customised and administered for any reason or level.

Our Solutions Provide:  

  • Online platform-based delivery of assessments & learning materials
  • Scalable to cater for high volumes
  • Self-contained model for innovative, holistic assessment
  • Legal defensibility of the assessments
  • Reporting provides seamless integration of results
  • World class development methodologies
  • Development of future-proof competencies for the digital world
  • Data security & confidentiality provided
  • Caters for culturally diverse populations 
  • Aimed at creating value for money and ROI
  • Ensures future leadership in the business context
  • Predictive analytics enable the development of future focused competency frameworks that underpin learning and drive performance
  • An AI Platforms and proprietary algorithms intelligently hyper personalize accurate learning journey based on each person's unique learning needs and current proficiency level.
  • Easy to read reporting and integration.

Cognitive Process Profile (CPP)

Advanced computerised cognitive assessment technique.

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Learning Orientation Index (LOI)

Learning Orientation Index (LOI) Computerised Simulation

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Value Orientations (VO)

Based on the Spiral Dynamics model, it assesses a person’s level of awareness, perceptions, behaviours and more.

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Contextualised Competency Mapping (CCM)

An online job or role analysis method to evaluate job complexity and other requirements.

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Integrated Competency Report (ICR)

An assessment integrator that uses multiple assessments to synthesize results for competency and job complexity.

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Cliquidity offers an integrated and automated screening solution that can be customised according to client needs.

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