"At Bridging the Gap, we honour potential in every human being like a seed waiting to blossom... if only someone would take the time to nurture it, water it and believe in its inevitable growth" - BTGH (Bridging the Gap Holdings)

Long before Black Economic Empowerment or BEE became a catchphrase, the founders of Bridging the Gap Holdings recognised the tremendous need for big business to address equity issues. South Africa stood on the verge of evolutionary transformation at all levels of society and human resources would have to follow suit. 

It was this change that paved the way to the launch of Bridging the Gap (BTG) Holdings in 1992, as possibly the first Black Economic Empowerment company in the field of human resource risk management and strategy development

With time, our understanding and approach to human equity in the workplace has grown and deepened. Today we bring a depth of experience and expertise to suggest and implement human resource and business strategy development solutions you will find invaluable in the transformation, daily management and growth of your organisation. 

In striving to meet the needs of all our clients, Bridging the Gap (BTG) is committed to a vision - "to be a strategic, value-adding partner to all our stakeholders".