The BTG In-Q-Bata is a vehicle that will deliver to Small and Medium Enterprises, higher performance and increased earnings, increasing their competitiveness and appeal in the market.

It is a two-year intensive capacity building process that covers the key aspects of Enterprise Development, building wealth and sustainable businesses.

"You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive."

- Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

BTG is looking at providing a holistic approach that will support SMME’s at various phases of their business cycle.

BTG ED Corporate Programs This corporate program is targeted at organisations and business who wish to engage and incorporate SMMEs, corporative and community-based business into their enterprise development or social responsibility and those that: 

  • Have funds to support ED but do not have a vehicle to drive the programs
  • Need capacity building for beneficiaries receiving funding from State-Owned and International funders
  • Partnerships with corporates who have ED programmes to ensure sustainable ED programs that will result in great and evident impact.

The In-Q-Bata Process Identify the candidates for the In-Q-Bata Present the idea and get buy-in from business owners Sign a Memorandum of Agreement that will define the terms of reference and commitments of parties in the three years process which will be reviewable on agreed intervals. Official meeting to explain the programme to shareholders and staff to ensure full buy in. Complete a needs assessment of the business and its key personnel in getting a clear picture of the development path. Share with the business the development path and sign off commitments of delivery. Begin training and developments process. Periodic status meetings to check progress. It is important to note that this entire process will be managed by the owner of the business. BTG is there as support but all decisions remain the prerogative of the business owner.


Acess to funding platforms


Business Coaching and leadership development


Strategic and operational support


Effective networking and business development


Leveraging the BTG brand and footprint

Accredited technical skills development

Basics of Business Management Finance and accounting Operations Human Resources management Marketing and sales Governance, compliance and ethics Procurement and tendering for business.

We have experience in developing and supporting small and medium businesses in various sectors with some of our major achievements in: 

  • Enzani Technologies 
  • Umsobomvu ED project 
  • Eskom Enterprise Development project 
  • Coal Stove Pictures 
  • Many other individual SMME’s. 
  • The process will be supported by over 17 years of experience in management consulting and over 50 years of accumulated experience in business management at all levels of an organisation or business. 
  • BTG has training products that are accredited and recognised to being effective capacity building tools.
  • BTG has created strategic partnership with services providers with great technical competencies and skill in targeted industries
  • The environment is conducive, with ED increasingly becoming a National imperative for the private and public sector. This means ED projects can thrive and there is space to build models and best practices which can become blueprints for ED programmes in Africa.