We aim to support and lead interventions that directly enhance your organisational performance.

This is achieved by working in collaboration with your managers and institutional leaders. We apply expert knowledge and experience of effective strategy, organisational development, and business process improvement. We support this with fostering strong leadership competencies and decision-making.

The increasing and drastic global political, economic, and technological environments are forcing businesses to constantly review their strategy and resources, especially their human capital to remain relevant in their markets and industries. The volatile and aggressive competition further requires business to constantly adapt and design their products and services to respond to the changing environment.

“Let our team facilitate and implement the change you need in your business Purpose, People, Processes and Leadership for a better tomorrow.”

- Tumi Moalusi, Bridging The Gap (BTG)

Our experience coupled with innovative solutions and best business and HR practices enable us to focus on assisting your organization and its C-Suit to improve the overall performance and operations.

We partner with the leadership to ultimately address complex issues with SMART solutions.

We offer the following services:
  • Analyze current status, help identify your value proposition and competitive edge.
  • Develop strategies and plans to address gaps
  • Actualize short-term and long-term visions and goals
  • Identify and allocate resources for this purpose
  • Help develop processes to drive governance and ethics requirements
  • Encourage decisions-making for improve efficiency and organizational performance.

Partnering with you for success!

  • Crafting and aligning the shareholder’s vision, mission, business mandate.
  • Values & Culture realignment, development, and management - Values stand at the very core of human decision‐making. When employees work in an organisation whose culture aligns with their personal values, they feel liberated. Organizational culture sets the context for everything a business does and how it is expected to be done. Let's align your align to your employee value
  • Organizational Design and Operating model have become more crucial over time especially in within a volatile environment in which businesses are finding themselves.  How the business is structure, organised and its key processes is a key aspect to success.  We have assisted several businesses develop a sound structure informed by a solid strategy.  Let us help you…!
  • Strategic thinking, Scenario Planning, Strategy Development, and Business Plan development, implementation and monitoringfocusing on developing, execution that is not only realistic and sustainable, but will ensure the positive growth of your organisation. Together with our strategic partner https://www.mindofafox.com , we facilitate strategic conversations with boards, executive teams and management, to help articulate your strategic direction, and test that strategy against possible future scenarios.
  • Business Process Improvement and Management - BPM enables organizations to align business functions with customer needs, and helps executives determine how to deploy, monitor and measure company resources. 
  • Transformation And Change Interventions To remain agile and relevant business must develop strategic best practice to get from where they are, where you need and desire to be in the future. We recognize that each change intervention is different, and we will thus approach your organization on a situational basis. We take a collaborative approach in developing the change management process to ensure a sustainable and ongoing culture of positive response and adaptability to change .
  • Organizational Performance - Successful business are implementing performance management as part of their daily operations and processes. Organizational performance management should focus on individual employees, teams, programs, processes, and the organization as a whole.
  • Organisation Surveys to assess the status of your organisations purpose, people, processes and leadership thus creating a clear picture of your existing organisational climate. This diagnosis will provide BTG and you with a scientific database for the improvement of organisational functioning and human resource transformation.