Mr John Moalusi

Exec Chairman & Partner Consultant

Mr Moalusi is a seasoned professional businessman, corporate executive with extensive experience in Business Consulting and Management. He is currently the Executive Chairman of Bridging the Gap Holdings, a management consulting and investment firm. BTG was established in 1992 and has executed several projects during this period. He is an expert in Human Capital, Strategy, Change Management, Leadership Development and executive Management. He has over 35 years executive management experience. Mr Moalusi has had influence in changing organizations through providing strategic advice and direction. Over the years as a coach and mentor, he has developed many professionals into senior and executive roles. Many have developed into successful executives.

Ms Tumi Moalusi

Managing Director & Partner Consultant

As the Managing Director, Partner and Senior Consultant, Ms Tumi Moalusi has been in this role for over 12 years. She has been instrumental in developing operating systems for the firm as well as ensuring the daily management of stakeholders and projects in the role as MD. Over time she has developed strong competencies in the human capital and management consulting space. She has successfully led teams of experienced consultants in the areas of strategy, performance management, change management, organization design and development, talent management and enterprise development. She is a seasoned executive search/headhunting specialist having placed high quality candidates in management and executive positions.