Youth Assessment & Development

BTG offers an innovative and cutting-edge online platform-based delivery of assessments, & learning materials, scenario planning for the future your supported by a coaching intervention.  The assessment and development program is a process that assesses mass individual competency assessment and provision of individual-based development programs focusing on: Cognition, Personality, Motivation, Numerical reasoning and Vocational interest.  It addresses:

  • Identifying individual strengths and learning gaps and potential
  • Making informed talent management decisions
  • Providing career guidance
  • Enable targeted development of digital skills
  • Ensure future capability and leadership in the digitized world of work

This integrated program is available to Grade 10-, 11-, 12- and first-year tertiary students as well as their parents given the desired outcomes.  At the end of the assessment the student would be able to identify what they can, are able and desire to do.