South Africa still has a long way to transform its education system to truly empower the youth. With the that said, as responsible citizens and businesses, we have to find innovative and agile ways to empower our youth.

It is with this premise in mind that Bridging the Gap has developed a seamless program which endeavours to assess and develop a personalised program for these students. The program starts with a diagnosis in a form of assessments to identify the persons levels of competencies in various areas, a scenario planning process which provides both the learner and parents different options given possible circumnutates. This process is supported by a coaching process for both parents and student.

It can be provided for schools, institutions of higher learning, corporates and individuals. Let us help you unleash your passion and find the hidden potential.

"The foundation of every country is the education of its youth."

- Greek Philosopher Diogenes.

Youth Assessment & Development

BTG has formed partnership with seasoned and expert assessment and solution who have come together to address the challenges faced by high-school and first year students. Though schools and parent try hard to provide guidance and support in assisting students chose the best subjects and career paths, it must be noted that this process.

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Strategic thinking and Scenario Planning for the Young Mind

The second phase of the program is The Growing Foxes Si⑥ online programme delivered through an innovative web-based platform. This 10 lessons program develops youth’s strategic thinking capacity and decision-making in the face of uncertainty through the use of scenarios.

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Coaching for the Future

The challenges faced by teens when they are between Grade 10 and first-year of tertiary are insurmountable and very often as parents we are not even aware. This may affect their focus and or motivation as well as ability to articulate what they are passionate about and want to do post Grade 12.

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“The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it.”

– Tony Dungy